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Sustainable Swaledale

As part of our initiative to produce a more eco friendly race, we got in touch with the Yorshire Dales National Park and asked if we could get involved with any tree planting schemes so we could award our race winners with their own tree someone in the Dales.

The National Park put us in touch with Sustainable Swaledale who were already well into their tree planting scheme throughout Swaledale and our 'tree naming' scheme was born, the whole idea is very much in it's infancy and will be adapted as we move forward with the folks over in Sustainable Swaledale but here is where we are so far.

Age group winners and a few randomly selected spot prize winners will receive a certificate explaining where your trees are and where appropriate we will be offering a meet and greet with the owner of the land the trees have been planted on so you can go and have a look and a chat about the project.

The planting site will have a DalesRunner sign erected with a QR code that links to a page on this site listing the race winners associated with that site.

You can find out more about the 'Together for Trees' project and all the other great initiatives they are developing over at the Sustainable Swaledale website.