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Welcome to DalesRunner

DalesRunner is a two person band but we both come at the race scene with very similar views (apart from Jess being far more competitive than Simon!), the focus is on you, looking after you and making sure you get to enjoy fabulous routes in the Dales. You won't find lots of bling, goodie bags or anything else you'd get home and chuck in a drawer but you will find routes that are easy to navigate, friendly marshals and good fodder. Each of our events is covered by the Swaledale Rescue Team so, should the worst happen, we have the very best people available to help you get off the hills as safely and timely as possible.


As runners we like to think we know what makes a great event and we'd like our competitors to enjoy our races and return year on year. As a business, we are an associate member of the Association of Running Clubs (ARC) and our events are all run under an ARC permit.


The Dales is our home and we are extremely fortunate to be surrounded by amazing landscapes. Our events will take runners on some of our favourite routes; showcasing the beauty of the area. We aim to promote responsible enjoyment of the countryside. Competitors will be required to follow the marked routes and adhere to our event rules and the countryside code.


We recognise that our events are held in places where people live and work. We are very grateful to the landowners who give permission for our events to take place and the volunteers who help out on the day. We will endeavour to use local suppliers as far as possible and promote local businesses that maybe of interest to our competitors. Each race will support a local community group or organisation by providing opportunities to fundraise.

Environmental Impact Statement

We recognise that our events have an impact on the local environment and more widely. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment in the following ways:

  • Working with landowners to ensure that our events happen at times that are appropriate for the flora and fauna of the landscape, in particular, ground nesting birds. For this reason, we do not allow dogs at our events.
  • Applying event rules that require competitors to follow the countryside code, following the route on rights of way, closing gates and taking care not to drop any litter.
  • Sweeping our race routes once the race has finished in order to ensure no litter or course marking equipment is left after the race.
  • Requiring competitors to carry a reusable cup for water during the race and encouraging competitors to bring a reusable cup for catering post-race.
  • Encouraging car sharing between competitors and supporting marshals to car share to their stations.
  • Obtaining consumables from local sources as far as possible.
  • Offering clearly marked bins so that recyclable waste can be sorted at our race locations.